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Napoleon Capital has been implementing quantitative strategies over a long-standing period, including in Tier 1 Asset Management companies. In order to have the best strategy and generate sustainable performance, Napoleon Capital organizes an open competition where anyone can submit their strategies and participate to the challenge. A risk budget is then dedicated to the best algorithms optimizing the investment solution.
Each client has its own needs and that is why Napoleon Capital places the client is the heart of its approach giving him the opportunity to build his own blend.What is a blend ? It is a combination of several raw strategies with a given weight for each mixed strategies.

Out Performance Strategies

With an objective to beat the underlying while strongly protecting against drawdown to limit capital constraints imposed by Solvency II (mainly for insurance company)

Absolute Return Strategies

With an objective to beat the underlying and control its risk (mainly for asset manager and financial institutions)

Protected Strategies

With a positive yield and decorrelation to any financial market (mainly for wealth management networks and family offices)

Raw strategies
Blend of Blends
High performing
Quant strategies
Raw strategies
In house library of a various range of uncorrelated strategies on a wide variety of liquid assets

Strategy composition (Blend or Blend of blends) relies on open competition, fuelled by external contributors

Strategies composition based
on continuous competition
AI Engine
Optimized investment bricks on a single asset

Darwinian approach with regular rebalancing to ensure best-in-class approach

Decorrelated Blends
AI Engine
Blend of Blends
Multi-assets solutions Customized

Mandates & dedicated funds manage by BNPP AM (partnership)

Raw Strategies

  • Napoleon Capital gives access to a large library of uncorrelated raw strategies across the global investment universe (highly liquid), including Equity, Fixed Income, FX and Commodities.
  • Investment solutions are hedged through Futures across every individual asset classes and are declined via LONG/SHORT and LONG/ONLY models (combination of long-term and short-term trend following and mean reverting), based on low to ultra-low frequency trading.
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