Napoleon Capital, your quant advisor

With the massive growth of data and computer powerness, the AM industry has accelerated its quantitative investment transformation through ETFs, smart beta strategies and more recently smart alpha techniques. Combining our long-standing professional experience in Tier 1 banks with academic partnerships of excellence (Ecole Polytechnique, Collège de France), we have built Napoleon Capital, a unique quant advisor. It aims to deliver best-in-class solutions optimizing the risk return profile of its clients in a secured framework.

Institutional and corporate clients face multiple investment issues, from cash and pension management, to employee savings. Combining financial goals with regulatory requirements has become increasingly complex. We offer our know-how to support the management of their main challenges by providing them with tailored investment solutions and specific advices. Our investment solutions are UCITS compatible and entirely customizable to our clients' particular needs.

Please contact us at   [email protected]   for any enquiry.

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