The NAPOLEON-X Project

NapoleonX is about becoming the master sponsor for launching a series of Decentralized Autonomous Funds (DAFs). These vehicles will invest in 100% algorithmic solutions proposed by Napoleon Crypto.

NapoleonX will benefit from 85% of all performance fees generated by the various DAFs and 100% of the performance on its participation in these vehicles.

You can discover our team for the project by visiting the dedicated website at www.napoleonx.ai.






Decentralized Autonomous Funds (DAFs) are disrupting the way to invest in financial markets, by letting its subscribers decide which trading bots to use to generate performance.


DAFs, or Decentralized Autonomous Funds, have been introduced for the first time in NapoleonX’s whitepaper (Dec 2016). DAFs are conceived as smartcontracts able to invest in financial markets through trading bots.

A trading bot is basically an algorithm buying or selling a given underlying asset (eg: S&P500, ETH …) in order to generate an absolute performance.


A new governance model

A DAF will empower its owners to select (i) which trading bot(s) to use among a selection list provided by Napoleon Crypto and on (ii) the appropriate leverage level.

This initial “bot allocation” will be reviewed by its owners through a regular voting process

The smartest way to invest in financial markets

The “ bot allocation” will act as an oracle to give market orders to the DAF.

DAFs may need to mirror their actions when operating on real underlying assets (eg: S&P500).

Napoleon Crypto has developed a large set of performing trading bots and will offer them for the first DAFs to be created and seeded by NapoleonX.



The NAPOLEON-X Project

NAPOLEON CAPITAL has conceived and is sponsor of the NapoleonX Project and is launching an ICO this fall to make it real!



The NaPoleonX Whitepaper presenting the project.

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