The NAPOLEON-X Project

The First Pure Open Online Platform

for Computer Driven Asset Management

dedicated to crypto-currency holders.



An open platform gathering the best trading bots from the best traders worldwide


NAPOLEON-X shall enable any cryptocurrency holder to invest in a large spectrum of Asset Classes, through DAO advized by best-in-class trading bots.

Common Good

The Platform shall create a global efficient ecosystem that shall benefit to every actor. The founders want it to be ultimately owned by the community.


NAPOLEON-X shall mostly collect performance fees on its underlying crypto-funds, so that interests are aligned with the investors of such funds.



The NAPOLEON-X Project

NAPOLEON CAPITAL & UNITED FIRST PARTNERS have teamed up to conceive the NAPOLEON-X Project and are now about to launch an ICO to make it real!



The NAPOLEON-X Whitepaper presenting the project.

The Quantitative Management Whitepaper