Smart Conception of Absolute Return Quantitative Strategies


Low Frequency

Napoleon Capital specializes in conceiving quantitative strategies with low frequency market interactions, minimizing hidden execution costs.


Napoleon Capital has conceived trading bots generating Absolute Return from a wide range of underlying assets (SP500, Eurostoxx50, FTSE, Nikkei, etc.)

No pain no gain

Napoleon Capital can advize its customers on a Performance Fees only option.

In our performance we trust!





The Core Team


Stéphane Ifrah

Stéphane Ifrah


Former Multi-billions asset manager for a Tier1 Bank. Research and development of new quantitative strategies Linkedin


Arnaud Dartois

Arnaud Dartois


Former Private Equity investor and entrepreneur. Operations and marketing. Blockchain and BTC/ETH enthusiast. Linkedin

Jean-Charles Dudek

Jean-Charles Dudek


Former experienced banker with deep knowledge of funds’ management (more than 3b€), sales and regulations. Linkedin







Napoleon Capital partners with Ecole Polytechnique which is a minority shareholder. Ecole Polytechnique has also hosted Napoleon Capital for 6 months and provides a living academic support to the project.


Napoleon Capital also benefitted from the support of StationF, the biggest startup campus in the world!

Now Napoleon Capital is based at WeWork Colisée.




Conseiller en Investissement Financier

NAPOLEON CAPITAL SAS has acquired the CIF Status since September 2017.

Napoleon Capital SAS, is registered under the French law with number 824 566 814 at the R.C.S Evry and has head offices located at 73 rue Léon Bourgeois, 91120 Palaiseau
Conseiller en investissement financier registered under the number 17004771 on the ORIAS listing and member of the CNCIF, association regulated by the AMF (Autorité des Marchés Financiers), the French Regulator.